Bullace Hill Living History
17th - 21st June 2024

At Bullace Hill a complete 16th century rural landsacpe has been rebuilt on a 10 acre site near Chepstow, overlooking the Bristol Channel. The largest farm contains gardens, barns, hay meadows, woodlands and orchards. In addition we keep accurate 16th century livestock including horses, pigs and, of course, sheep.

Once a year the site comes to life and is filled with the people you would have run into when visiting a farm in the 16th or 17th century. Women spinning, a shepherdess looking after sheep and small children, a charcoal burner, men working in the hay meadows, dairymaids. You might even meet the master of the house...

A tour of the site is something your students will long remember, bringing life to many elements of the national curriculum.

We offer tours to school groups as well as home educated groups, adult groups and individuals. If you want to come along, please get in touch and arrange a booking!

What can you expect during a visit?
During the standard visit groups can experience the life of the late Tudor or early Stuart Period in Monmouthshire. Up to fifty costumed characters will transport your pupils back in time... from the cool of the well house and dairy to warmth out on the hay meadows. They will be able to contrast the smell of fresh bread from the ovens with the odour of pigs and sheep, hear the soft sounds of cauldrons bubbling on the fire and the splitting of logs at the charcoal burners and see dyers and potters working at their trades. The stops you'll pass along your visit can vary every year.

Pupils are transported back in time so convincingly that it has been known, in previous years, for them to offer to teach our labourers how to count and spell, and to beg their teacher to let them take the farm children home.

Before applying, read the following information carefully;

A tour usually lasts at least three hours. You will be allocated a start time for the tour and it is important to be on time. On arrival you will be met at the reception where there are basic toilet facilities and a marquee providing limited shelter. This area is suitable for a picnic if desired. Please note that you will be unable to stop during the tour to eat, and you should plan accordingly.

Your party will be divided into groups of no more than 25 people in order to fit the rooms when in the buildings. These groups enter the site at 15 minute intervals and encounter 10-12 stops at which various activities are taking place. They will be at each stop for about 10 minutes, interacting with the interpreters.

The site is designed so that your group should not be able to see any other modern people for the entire duration of the tour. All interactions will be with in character costumed interpreters including the guide with your party.

There will be a charge of £6.00 per student (£8 if 5 or less in group) with 2 free staff places for every 25 students. Additional adults are charged at the same rate

The route is mainly outdoors and will cross meadows, pass through woods and go up and down hill slopes. The paths are not tarmac and weather is unpredictable. As a result it is important that your children come prepared with sensible shoes or boots and waterproof clothing.

Disabled visitors may find the site challenging but we make every effort to accommodate their needs if given prior warning. Wheelchair access is restricted to the main farm area  only which involves about half the stops.