Bullace Hill Living History
17th - 21st June 2024

Primary and Secondary areas of the curriculum are both covered in this real-life living history.  We aim to be relevant to your classroom and bring to life your lessons.

Real-life history

We offer a hands-on experience that means that you will be able to touch, smell and hear history just as it was.

a real historical experience !

see it
smell it

hear it

 Tudor and Stuart period Living History. The interpreters bring a 16th/17th century farm to life through their passion for the period.

links to the curriculum

  • Experienced Interpreters
  • gorgeous welsh hillside
  • bringing lessons to life
  • captivating imaginations

History brought to life

“a thoroughly enjoyable trip that I would like to repeat next year!"

"very enjoyable and informative"

"thank-you for such a wonderful day, it has been a fabulous experience for everyone"