Bullace Hill Living History
17th - 21st June 2024

The Bullace Hill living history site is situated on a beautiful Welsh hillside in the midst of Monmouthshire. Over the last 30 years the complete agricultural landscape has been returned to its condition 400 years ago with the planting of thousands of trees, the rebuilding of ruined stone buildings, the restoration of orchards and gardens with period varieties of fruit and vegetables and the management of meadows and grasslands. We have created a living, breathing Tudor farming landscape of 30 fields enclosed by hedges, fences and stone walls, with barns, farmhouses, cottages and workshops.

The site has been used for a number of TV series including Tales from the Green Valley a 12 part BBC2 series about farming in 1620. The episodes are available on YouTube and can be used as additional teaching aids and to obtain an idea of the site before you visit [be aware that only a portion of the site was used in this series]. Some of the performers in this series will also be present during the living history.

Risk Assement

There are  a number of potential hazards to take into consideration when planning your visit and preparing your risk assesment:

Steep grassy fields
Farmyard animals (allergies etc.)
Uneven ground
Subject to weather conditions (dress appropriately)
Rough paths (good footwear required)

We have prepared a risk assement document which can be provided.

It is possible to visit the site before the living history by arrangement.